Our Salt Rooms

The Adult Ocean Room

The floor and walls of our Adult Ocean room are coated in white Himalayan salt, which produce “feel good” negative ions. The blue LED lights help create the same tranquil atmosphere you may experience being surrounded by the sea. During your 45 minute session, sit back in one of our six zero gravity chairs, relax and just breath.

The Igloo Room

Relax under the twinkling night stars during your salt therapy session in the privacy of The Igloo Room. For those who may want complete silence to meditate and just be alone with your thoughts this is the perfect escape.

The Igloo Room, which is covered in Himalayan Salt Bricks, is our most versatile room where we offer our other wellness services.

**Additional Private Room Charge for Salt Therapy Sessions**

The Salt Bed Room

The Salt Scene, Orlando is home to the only salt bed in Central Florida. The smaller space means it takes less time to get the full benefit of the treatment. Sessions in our salt bed are only 25 minutes long. It’s the same treatment as our other salt rooms but in nearly half the time. It is the perfect option for those with limited time in their everyday life.

The Children’s Aquarium Room

Children can play and have fun while enjoying the benefits of salt therapy in our Children’s Room! The Himalayan salt that covers the floors is perfect for digging, playing, and building sand castles, just like a day at the beach. We are happy to provide the shovels, pails, and other essential toys to complete the full beach experience.

The room also has a coloring table with crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, and paper.

**This room is open to all kids up to 12 years of age.**